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When you made the decision to care for your elder family member in your home, you probably never imagined what a challenge it would be for you and your family.  You have since found out that being constantly responsible for your loved one can consume a great deal of your time and energy.  Some days you can´t find enough time to care for you own wants and needs let alone those who depend on you to assist them.

You may feel there is too much to do in a day and no way to accomplish everything expected of you even though you try very hard to do all that must be done.  Sometimes you are tired and feel discouraged because you were not able to finish everything on your to-do-list.  Other times you find yourself smiling because the day went especially well and you can relax and enjoy yourself for a while.

You are not alone.  In homes all across America, caregivers are going through the same ups and downs that you are experiencing.  Everywhere there are countless other caregivers who genuinely understand the challenges you face each day and the impact it has on those closest to you.  If anyone, anywhere understands and appreciates how you feel, it is another caregiver.  While the details are always different, the story is the same.  So, don´t be afraid to share your story.

We´re in it Together.